Ben (Entrepreneur): 

"Veronica is AMAZING to work with. Absolutely wonderful taste, and super easy to work with. She has a perfect eye for fashion , and a joy to be around. Highly recommend. Worth every penny".


Dianna (Writer/Director):

"Veronica is a great stylist and helped me find the right outfit for an important event I was going to. She listened to what my needs were, and suggested some things I might not have thought of as options. I was open-minded and ended up going with her choice for my dress and shoes. I felt like a million bucks and got tons of compliments that night.  She was a great help and I would definitely use her again."



Keith (actor): 

"I had a great time shopping with Veronica yesterday trying on clothes, learning the do's and don'ts. Girl knows her stuff!! We not only went over style but I also learned what sizes and colors look best on me. So I not only look good but I feel at the top of my game when I walk into the audition room. Thanks Veronica!"



Gil (Management Consultant):

"I’m the typical guy, hate shopping and no idea how to shop.  Veronica was amazing.  Grabbed clothes that somehow all miraculously fit (honestly I felt this was a magic trick), 2 hours and I practically had a new wardrobe.  Let’s put it this way, of my 15 shirts and 5 regular outfits that I wear, I think Veronica bought 14 of the shirts and put together all 5 outfits.  She has a very keen eye for these things.  Highly recommend."

Craig (Entrepreneur): 

"Veronica's closet is what this should be called. She came to my house and helped me go shopping in my own wardrobe. Rather than having to buy new clothes she was able to create three new looks out of the clothes I already had. A great eye for detail. She is coming next week to go through my over squashed closet and help me organize it so I have just what I need".



Macelle (Public speaker):

"I have been transformed! My biggest critic, my mom actually paid me a compliment, what? My friends are telling me I look shiny and amazing and my boss is teasing me about living a glamorous life. I wish I found her earlier. To date she's been very helpful with answering follow-up questions. She's a pro! I'm thrilled I hired her".



Francesco (Management Consultant):

"Veronica has the eagle eye! She knows how to make you look your best and bring out your personality. I'm lucky to have her give me advice every day!! ;-)"



Melissa (French Actor):

"Veronica has a great sense of style! She's very good at what she does and works with every individual in both a very personal and professional manner. I highly recommend her!"