Do's and Dont's




You guys have it easy when it comes to body type because you can change your shape anytime!!! 3 categories:

Ectomorph: Tall, thin, slim

Endomorph: Rounded with generous waist

Mesomorph: Athletic and muscular


  • Don't go too crazy on colors.

  • Not too many patterns unless you are a pro. 






Wear colors that are very close to each other.


Example: Dark jeans with light blue shirt and a navy blazer for a smart casual look that would work like a charm every time).






- Curvy ladies: Don't go too bare!



- Boyish lassies: Don't go for straight cut clothes! 


- Hippy Chics: Don't even think of wearing stretchy tight dresses!


- Busty mamas: Don't wear puffy bottoms! 


- Plus size divas: Stay away from wide stripes!




Example: Try clothing that defines your waist Curvy ladies, show off your symmetry and flaunt those curves!